Trendy men’s shoes volume 2

About this shoes:

We name it as Trendy Mens’s Shoes volume 1 . However you can search for “Mens sleek mesh shoes” to get this product on google. Its SKU is S-368670 for white colour and S-368668 for blue or grey colour. It is made with mesh quality.


Trendy men's shoes volume 2 white colour

Trendy men's shoes volume 2 blue colour

Trendy men's shoes volume 2 grey colour


  1. Running Shoes :  these shoes can be used in running, these type of shoes fits your legs and compresses them and person feels light weight(like he is not wearing shoes) and that’s why it helps in increasing speed.

      2. Climbing Shoes : these shoes have awesome grips which can be used in climbing. If you look at its outsole (grips) you will see that these shoes are designed for this activity(climbing).

      3. Light weight

      4. Highly Breathable : these shoes will help your sweat evaporate. After running or climbing or doing some activiy you may get some sweat from leg, this shoes help you evaporate that sweat easily.

      5. Generally Cheaper than leather shoes 

      6. Party Shoes


  1. No protection from outside elements : this shoe doesn’t give enough protection from outside elements(e.g. rock). For example if you are running and get hit from a rock then you may feel hurt in leg, but if you jump from medium altitude you will not feel hurt.
  2. Harder to clean :This shoes is harder to clean, as this is mesh shoes (fabric shoes)


If are in some marathon races or going to hiking or party then you should definitely buy these shoes. These shoes will help a lot in these activities. We highly recommend to use this shoes in parties because of its design and performance. However if marathon is in stony area then you should not buy this shoes as it has no guarantee that you will get hurt, it depends on how much speed you are running and get hit. 


Thinking to buy this product?

If you like this product then you can buy it from our website . Its price is ₹699 however in Sabki Shop you will get this product at only ₹499 !!!! Hurry as this sale is valid for 31st of December !!!.

Sizes available: 6, ,7 ,8 ,9 and 10.

Colours available: White, Blue and Grey









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