Neuropathy Treatment Review 

Neuropathy Treatment Review 


Neuropathy is an unusual illness because its real causes are actually other illnesses. Other things are going wrong with us and neuropathy is one of the side-effects.


Sometimes we know what the other illness is. And sometimes we don’t.


If you are having trouble regulating blood sugars then nerve damage is a common side-effect of that problem.


If you suffer from any kind of immunity disease then, again, neuropathy is a known side-effect of such illnesses.


Chronic inflammation is endemic throughout the western world; and it often has nerve pain as one of its side-effects.


In fact, there’s a long list of conditions that directly lead to neuropathy.


Sometimes we get the neuropathy before we even know about the condition that’s causing it.


That’s because the condition itself hasn’t been picked up by our doctor. In this case, neuropathy is our first clue that something’s going badly wrong with our body.


Either way, it’s an underlying illness that leads to neuropathy.


Neuropathy is its side-effect


The route out of neuropathy

Remember there’s a simple route leading to your neuropathy. The loss of bacteria leads to illness which then causes the neuropathy side-effect.


Gut health > illness > neuropathy


Gut health is the key link in this chain because it starts the whole thing off. Maintaining gut health treats all links of the chain.


And everything I needed to achieve this is in Jodi’s ‘Neuropathy No More’ program.




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