Looking For Simple Home Based Jobs

Learn How To Make Money Online In Simple Ways


In this program you will learn how to make affiliate sales using email marketing and a 2-page website in which you build email lists of targeted customers and promote relevant products to them.


Now you may be thinking, this method of using landing pages with email marketing to promote affiliate offers is not new, and many teach them.

Yes, the method of directing people to your affiliate offer after collecting their email is a well-known method,


However, it  is different from all because it teaches how to use interactive (polls/questions) landing pages to activate people’s emotions, and this is more effective than the traditional name/email landing pages. Additionally, some studies show that these interactive landing pages work effectively in certain niches such as fitness, self-development, money-making, etc.


It  helps you get into untapped marketing platforms that don’t cost as much as Facebook or Google Ads.


These are the fresh and cutting-edge ideas that make it  different from other programs.


How Does It Really Work?


Already mentioned is a program in which you will earn money by promoting affiliate offers. In simple terms, this method is called Affiliate Marketing.


Affiliate Marketing is a legit way of making money online in which you promote other offers through your unique link (affiliate link). If someone buys the product from your affiliate link, you generate commission from it. Many experts like Affiliate Marketing because it doesn’t include the cost of making a product, storing the product, or shipping the product to customers.


There are many ways to promote your affiliate offers, such as building a website, sharing your link, creating the product review, etc.


Methods which are taught to earn online:


Step 1 – Finding Affiliate Offers & Making Ad Copy:


You have to search for best-selling products on different affiliate platforms such as ClickBank, Commission Junction, Digistore24, etc. Merlin recommends top-selling products because it means their sales page is converting and getting sales.

Once you select the product you want to offer, you have to take some photos, headlines, or scripts and enter them into the tool you get inside the members’ area to generate your online banner/ad copy.


Step 2 – Create Interactive Landing Page:


Now, this is what I was talking about. You will use highly converting principles such as micro-commitments and interactive marketing to make people do little actions to activate their emotions. Numerous marketers tested these principles, and they work much better than text and video sales pages.


So, in this step, you will make an interactive landing page using Click Funnels (a paid tool) and add polls/questions along with their options to choose from.


When someone clicks on the button to get the answer, he will get a popup box requesting an email address, so this way, you can make your email list on the niche/market you are promoting your offer.


Step 3 – Redirect To Your Offer Page:


When someone enters his email address, this email address will go into the list you are building through an email autoresponder like Mailchimp or GetAResponse. Then, the potential customer will be redirected to the offer you are promoting.


Step 4 – Make Money Online:


Once your potential customer reaches your affiliate page, he can go through the offer, and if he buys the product, you will make a commission, and if he doesn’t make a purchase, you will get nothing.


However, in any case, you will have his email that you can use to promote other products in the same niche/industry. This way, the chances of losing a potential customer are less, and you can make money in the long term.


Who can earn from this


  • People want to make money online without making their own product or service


  • Individuals who don’t want to spend countless hours responding to buyer’s questions.


  • Online Marketers who are thinking about making money through email marketing


  • And people who want to make money while they sleep (passive income)



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