Beauty Food-To Reduce Cellulite And Wrinkles


 Beauty Food-To Reduce Cellulite And Wrinkles


In Beauty Foods you will DISCOVER

  • Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body?

    This means that it is incredibly important for the safety and preservation of your body. If you don’t take care of your skin, you weaken your immune system, which means your body will do all it can to help you fix your immune system, instead of losing fat.

    Even so, there are still so many people who choose “Botox”, when there are natural and much cheaper alternatives. I recently learned about it from one of the most beautiful women I know, while reading her book. To say that I was impressed with his methods would be an understatement. The results are even more impressive than the price of her skin care product, which reached a spectacular sum of… 50 cents:

       Did you know that shampoos, soaps, and skin          creams (mostly) actually cause wrinkles and           can even lead to weight gain? It is crazy to think  that when you wash yourself, you are  poisoning  yourself at the same time.

  • My coveted “Fifty Cent Botox Alternative” that takes only about 7 minutes to prepare, costs less than $ 0.50 and will make you look like you’ve just come out of a Botox Party (but without these red and swollen sting marks)!

  • Which foods you can use topically (this is NOT a diet) that instantly improve the elasticity and texture of your skin

  • The oriental secret to having shiny hair that sweeps away any shampoo …

  • The blend of “Persian Princess” that I use on myself and my clients to give your neck a fantastic younger look.

  • Tips for making your hands look younger (ladies, you know how important hands are!).

  • The best ways to avoid future wrinkles and how to deal with the ones you may already have.

  • The very few store bought items that I recommend (there aren’t many) … and ladies, the ones that aren’t required (just wanted to be conscientious).

  • Simple Tips to Slow Down the Aging Process by Adding Food to Your Food … and no, it’s not a diet (I personally don’t like to diet at all, but I love these foods full of taste!).

  • The real reasons we age faster than we should and what you can do about it, starting today …

  • And much more…

Many women assume that the word “food” always implies diet. It is not a diet, but rather a way of using common foods in specific combinations that you apply topically to your skin.

I give healthy nutrition advice, however I am someone who loves food too much to recommend too strict a diet. Also, most of them are not good for you, and many of them are so low in fat that they actually increase wrinkles! It’s the last thing you want, isn’t it?





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