6 Week Shred- Belly Fat Loss Program

6 Week Shred- Belly Fat Loss Program

Torch Up To 29 Pounds Of Belly Fat And Shrink Your Waist By 10 Inches In As Little As 10 Minutes…Without Ever Having To Step Foot In A Gym

NEW 3 Phase, At Home Workout Program Delivers 3X The Results, Gives You Shredded Abs And A Tight Body While Exercising Less Than 45 Minutes For The Entire Week…All Without Leaving Your Home

Remember, weight and fat loss is a side effect of your training.

The Key To Your Fat Loss (And Your Results) Is Unlocking Your Inner Athlete Which Is Already Built Into Your DNA!

Being An Athlete (And The Secret To Your Fat Loss)
Is Built Right Into Your DNA: And This Program Wakes It Up!

The Ultimate Way To Get Your Body To Burn Fat, Tone Up And Lean Out Is To Perform The Right Types Of Exercises and Movements.

I’ll tell you right now…its not about running on the treadmill for hours worrying about how many calories you’ve burned.

It doesn’t matter what your fitness level is currently…if you’ve been out of working out for decades or you just fell “off of the wagon” recently.

Heck it doesn’t even matter if you are 20 years old or 70 years old.

You could literally get up and perform these workouts and movements right now…because they are built into your DNA.

And here is the even cooler part…once you start doing these movements more and more, you’ll get better and better at them.

And the more you do them, the more your body will start to awaken and you’ll be well on your way to having the best body you could ever imagine.

The secret to unlocking your best body and torching unwanted fat is this…

“Constantly Varied Functional Movements
Performed at Relative High Intensity.”

So by now you know that all of the workouts and diet fads that you’ve tried just don’t work. And you now know that the secret to really burning fat AND keeping it off for the long haul is about training and moving like an athlete

And you now know that you are an Athlete 🙂

Now, Let Me Tell You A Little Bit More About The Magic Of These Movements And Why My 3 Step Workout System Is So Powerful When It Comes To Fat Loss And Your Breakthrough Results.

Constantly Varied Functional Movements Performed At Relative High Intensity is a mouthful but let me break it down for you.

I’ve already told you about Functional Movements and how they are built into our DNA. These are movements that we do in every day life.

In order to achieve the kind of results you want and deserve, your workout program must follow these proven 3 Steps.

In fact, this 3 Step System is what I’ve used to create what I believe to be the most effective workouts program available, using just your bodyweight.

Constantly Varied: The Key Is Keeping Your Body Guessing

When it comes to burning fat fast and getting results, routine is the enemy. The human body adapts to workouts very quickly so if you have been doing the same routine (running on a treadmill, etc)…you have essentially been wasting your time.
The key is variance.
Mixing up your workouts so that you are always doing different exercises, repetitions, different length workouts, etc., keeps your body from guessing…aka “plateauing” and allows you to continue to see rapid results.

Functional Movement: Exercises That Make Us Better In Life

Functional movements are movements we do in everyday life. For example, when you sit down in a chair, you are performing a squat. When you pick something up off the floor, you are performing a deadlift. These movements are not only extremely essential for quality of life, but they also hold the key to our fat loss results and getting the dream body we have always wanted.

High Intensity: Where The Magic (And The Results) Take Place

When it comes to your results…you must increase the intensity. Contrary to what most fitness experts will tell you, long steady state workouts (running on a treadmill, etc) are nowhere near as effective in burning weight when compared to shorter, high intense workouts. In fact, studies have shown that people continue to burn calories up to 48 hours after their high intense short workouts. High Intensity is where you’ll transform your body and torch that unwanted fat.

As I’ve said before of these movements are already pre-programmed in us which means they are essential to survival and everyday life.

AND…they are so powerful that they also help to increase fat lose and muscle tone.

In addition to having these functional movements we have to be sure to vary them when we workout.

Why? Because our bodies are masters at adapting! The reason why most people fail in their workouts is they do the same routine over and over…and the body knows that and adapts.

To fight that…we need to Constantly Vary the workouts. Different movement combinations. Different repetitions, different time domains.

Variance is one of the keys to fat loss.

Once we are constantly varying our movements it is important that they are performed at a high intensity.

Now that may sound scary but it is relative high intensity. That means that it should be challenging for you.

Now here is the magic of this breakthrough training…over time you will be able to increase your intensity as you get fitter.

You’ll keep getting stronger, leaner and healthier all while you are burning fat.

And what happens when you get better at something?

That’s right…with this breakthrough proven system, as you continue to burn fat and lose weight, you’ll be spending less time in your workouts.

I call this program my “6 Week Shred” program because in just 42 days you’ll see results that typically take years for other people to achieve using traditional methods taught by the so called “fitness experts.”

But not with this system. You’ll be utilizing this unique training system that will invigorate your body to start burning fat again by using these proven time tested movements that have always been built into our DNA.

#1:  Anyone Can Do This

Men, women, young, old, in shape, out of shape, over-weight or under-motivated — doesn’t matter, it works for all, anyone can do it. With almost a decade of experience in fitness, I know exactly how to make a workout effective no matter your age, level or ability.

#2: You Will See Results Fast

You’ll quickly see results like tighter muscles, a leaner tummy, reduced “trouble spots” and healthier skin. But also it’s what you’ll feel — an electrical surge in energy, a mood that’s on cloud 9, and sharp mental focus. And don’t forget the huge benefits of lower inflammation, lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure, a stronger heart and stronger lungs.

#3: You’ll Stay Motivated

Most importantly, because these routines are FUN, FAST and can be done ANYWHERE, you won’t have any problem staying motivated. You’ll stay motivated, not through sheer willpower, but from the overwhelming feeling of satisfaction that,FINALLY, something works for you.

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