14 Day Perfect Booty Program For Women


14 Day Perfect Booty Program For Women

ATTENTION WOMEN: Still Struggling To Lose The Lumpy, Dimpled Cellulite Fat From Your Hips, Butt & Thighs?

Perfect Booty PDF Guide

  • Permanently build the Perfect Booty

  • Tone and Tighten your Thighs

  • Melt away all Cellulite

  • Create an Hourglass Figure

  • Do it all in Only 14 Days!

A Firm Butt = The Fountain of Youth for Women

Did you know that having a Flat and Saggy Butt makes you look 10 – 15 Years Older? Yes – having a saggy booty just makes us look old.

Part of the aging process is losing muscle tissue, losing tone and firmness. One of the first places we lose that firmness is in our butts.

Take a look at your parents and notice how they have continued to lose their butts over the years. All the weight shifts to the front of the body and the backside gets flatter and flatter.

This system teaches you how to turn back the clock 10 – 15 years or more by re-shaping your butt and thighs. Getting rid of the dreaded butt crease and improving your posture.

Even better you don’t have to have any equipment, join a gym, or hire a personal trainer for $80+ per session.

Best of all – You can actually use this entire system in the comfort of your home while watching TV if you like.

What is Saggy Butt Syndrome?

Let’s Face it we all do way too much sitting on our booties these days. All this sitting leads to problems with muscle balance and posture.

Saggy Butt Syndrome simply means that the main muscles that make up the glutes (booty), low back (including the erector spinae) and upper thigh muscles are too tight to activate or they are too weak.

And many of us have a combination of the too tight and too weak.

One muscle group in particular that is not even considered part of the butt ACTUALLY controls whether we have a flat butt or a perky full and lifted booty.

The Erector Spinae is that overlooked muscle group. It actually consists of three columns of muscles, the Iliocostalis, Longissimus, and Spinalis, each running parallel on either outer side of the Vertebra and extending from the lower back of the skull all the way down to the Pelvis/hips.

When this group of muscles is not properly activated and becomes weak the muscles in the butt and thighs become dysfunctional.

This leads to sagging, loose skin, increased appearance of cellulite, saddle bags, and flatness in the butt. The Erector Spinae influences the curvature of the spine, along with the lift and curviness of the booty. When this muscle group becomes too weak this dysfunction leads to Saggy Butt Syndrome.


The reason that just doing squats and lunges doesn’t work.


These exercises are great for the actual butt muscles if the muscles are all in balance and functioning properly. Squats and lunges can be part of your program BUT these exercises DO NOT target the muscle group that changes the curve of the lower spine and lifts the butt to give you that full and perky derierre.

Problems with Saggy Butt Syndrome:

  • Lack of Shape & Curve in the Butt
  • Back Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Loss of Tightness and Firmness in the Butt & Thighs
  • More Visible Lumpy Cellulite
  • Skin Loosening
  • Decreased Sex Appeal
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Saggy pants
  • Lower Sex Drive
  • The Dreaded Pancake Booty
  • Saddle Bags
  • Deep Butt Crease where the butt meets the upper thigh


You’ll see how tightening this little known muscle group allows you to workout smarter not harder. You will never spend hours in the gym doing gruesome leg and butt workouts. Plus doing the wrong leg and butt workouts makes it virtually impossible for a woman to tighten the booty and lose lumpy disgusting cellulite.

I can understand if you think you’ve heard of every butt exercise out there. And you may feel like you have tried it all when it comes to booty lifting strategies and workouts. I guarantee you have never done a program that teaches you this. This is going to shock you!

Let me assure you that women have different butt anatomy than men and this has nothing to do with doing silly butt machines, excessive cardio, crazy starvation diets, pills or potions. This is a new solution that you will become obsessed with because it is so easy and results come so quickly. And it works for all body types even the woman with the most out of shape booty.

Can You Imagine Putting on a Pair of Tight Jeans Being a Pleasant Experience That Will Make Heads Turn?

Science says that women naturally carry more fat and cellulite in our hips and thighs than our male counterparts. Now we can use science and new research to put those extra curves into action by activating the right muscle group.

Research also explains how activating the wrong muscles keeps us struggling to fight the flat and flabby booty.

Control the Curve of the Spine & You Control the Curviness of Your Butt.

Problem #1 Erector Spinae Muscles are too Weak and therefore they cannot hold the booty up. This leads to flattening of the lower spine. Then the wrong muscles take over and keep the butt muscles asleep. This causes the dreaded sagging booty and extra cellulite.

Problem #2 The opposing Muscles of the Erector Spinae are too tight which keeps the Erector Spinae muscles from activating. This also decreases the curve in the lower spine right above the booty. This leads to pain in the back, knees, and even the neck. And even worse it causes extreme dropping of the lower butt and hunching over in the upper back.

Once you learn the secret to activating this muscle group you will never deal with a flat and saggy butt again. Your cellulite will visible begin to disappear as the backside is lifted and tightened. You can reshape and lift your butt by strengthening the muscles that control the curve of your spine.

Yes – New Research shows that Butt Fullness & Shape is actually controlled by the Curvature of the Spine.

Researchers in a recent study asked over 300 men to rate the attractiveness of different female silhouettes. The ladies with more curve in the lower spine rated higher on the attractiveness scale. A 45 degree curve at the top of the butt and lower spine was considered the most desirable.

Lower Body Workouts Designed By Men Don’t Work for Reshaping Women’s Butts.

Men love to lift big weights and do lots of squats. They even like to make loud noises while they do it. Does that work for lifting and firming our butts as women? Absolutely not.

Our hips are wider than our male counterparts. We have a completely different shape to our spine than men. This is the one area that we definitely cannot train like a man.

Doing male lower body workouts actually keeps us from contouring our curves so that we look more feminine. Men are not seeking the same curvature of the spine that they are attracted to in women,

Yet, most of the lower body workouts that I see women doing were designed for a man’s hips.

Now, for the first time, you have access to a system that focuses on the shape of the spine that a woman must have to avoid saggy butt syndrome.

Don’t get me wrong – many of the workouts designed for men are very challenging. However, to get the desired spine curve to have a shapely booty we must work smarter and not harder doing someone else’s workout. We must work the muscles of the erector spinae.

These are the muscles that will re-shape our spine and finally give us an instant butt lift.

These muscles are the key to the butt dysfunction that leads to lower butt droop. These muscles control whether your butt looks flat and saggy or tight and full.

Breakthrough 20 Second “Cellulite Trick” Strips Off Stubborn Fat And Tones Even Your Worst Cellulite So Any Woman Can Finally See Your Firmest, Most Attractive Butt Ever At ANY Age In As Little As 14 Days WITHOUT Long Painful Workouts Or Dangerous Cellulite Creams

 NEW Bodyweight Cellulite Trick Reverses “Saggy Butt Syndrome” So You Can Visibly SEE The Unsightly Fat Disappear Fast From Your Hips, Butt, Thighs At ANY Age.

Introducing Your PERFECT Booty Plan

The Perfect Booty Training System For Women That Reverses Saggy Butt Syndrome Helping You Strip Off Stubborn Fat And Tone Even The Most Lumpy And Dimpled Cellulite At The Same Time So You Finally See Your Firmest, Most Attractive Butt Ever In ONLY 14 Days WITHOUT Long Painful Workouts Or Dangerous Cellulite Creams.

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