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Sabki Shop introduces ‘Pro Customers’. Pro Customers are user roles that Sabki Shop will give to its some user. When a new user registers, its given role is ‘Customer’. With this role a user can do all those things that a e-commerce customer does i.e. shopping, browsing, reviewing, ordering, etc. Pro Customer have all abilities same like normal customer.


Then What is Difference between Pro Customer and Normal Customer?

Pro customers and normal customers have same abilities and powers so what is difference between them? Main difference between them is what features and offers Pro customers get. Pro customers gets vast features like free shipping on any order with no minimum purchase price, fast delivery (within 1-2 days) and special discount codes. A normal user don’t get these features and offers.

From above table we hope you understood what is difference between Pro Customers and Normal Customers. Now you may think why we put pro customer user role. We put this role to distribute to our loyal customers for free. Means users  with ‘Pro Customer’ user role will get free shipping and other features and offers!. Please note that this user role we are distributing it for free, there are no charges.

How to get Pro Customer user role?

Top 100 users with most products bought from Sabki Shop will get this user role for free. Other users who have not purchased that much products from our site will also be able to try this features as we will transfer this user role once a pro user gets offline. Currently we are giving this role to top 100 users who registers at our site. So don’t waste time go fast and register at Sabki Shop.

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